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  • Visma Ski Classics

Gjerdalen and Norgren win Kaiser Maximilian Lauf

The third Visma Ski Classics race, and the first one in Visma Alp Trophy, took place in Seefeld, Austria, as Kaiser Maximilian Lauf, 60 km, welcomed...
  • Visma Ski Classics

New Trophy competition starts in Seefeld!

The new Visma Alp Trophy kicks off during this weekends´ Kaiser Maximilian Lauf. The competition is a new addition in the tour, inspired by last...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Kaiser Maximilian Lauf up next!

The third event of the Visma Ski Classics is about to take place in Seefeld in Tirol, Austria, and everything is ready for the race that carries the...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Visma Ski Classics launch Fantasy!

The long distance ski tour Visma Ski Classics today launches its own fantasy league where fans can create their own Pro Teams! The points from the...
  • Årefjällsloppet

God fortsättning

God fortsättning på er! Säsongen har börjat på ett fantastiskt sätt med bra temperatur och mycket snö. Längdförhållandena i Årefjällen är på topp...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Visma Ski Classics enter new markets!

The season VIII tour has kicked off with the two first events. For the remaining part of season VIII, Visma Ski Classics expands into new TV markets...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Johansson Norgren and Nygaard win Sgambeda

Britta Johansson Norgren, Lager 157 Ski Team, achieved a clean sweep in Sgambeda winning all her individual categories. Andreas Nygaard, Team...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Sgambeda kick off the Climb Competition!

Sgambeda takes place on Saturday and is the first event including the new Climb Competition. In addition, the Visma Skier of the day will be handed...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Latest updates before Sgambeda!

Visma Ski Classics season VIII had a perfect start in Pontresina, Switzerland last Sunday. Next, the tour goes to Italy where Sgambeda, 35 km, in...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Lager 157 Ski Team win the Pro Team Tempo

Lager 157 Ski Team was the undisputed champion of the day while Team ParkettPartner had everyone gasping for air after the men’s race. Pro Team Tempo...